Since 2018 we give life to multi-year projects that have as their main objective the protection and enhancement of the Belice territory. With the intent to spread greater awareness of the surrounding environment, we carry out issues related to the preservation of the territory and propose educational and training activities for young people, because they are the real key to change.

active projects

Provide support to local communities by focusing on land developmentand increasingopportunities for younger people. This is what we do and what we will continue to do. Three projects and a common goal, for the protection of the Belice territory and the training of young talents.

There are three projects currently active in the Foundation:

Land Of Future Project

Land Of Future

A multi-year plan for the protection and enhancement of the Belice territory. It wants to support the land safety, the new generations environmental education and the creations of new local entrepreneurial opportunities by awareness actions.

Green Learning

The Green Learningproject represents the heart of the educational activities promoted by the Foundation. It provides specifically for the provision of 8 thematic workshops, designed for schoolchildren of all levels of the municipalities of Santa Ninfa, Salemi, Salaparuta, Poggioreale and Partanna.



A new meeting place to rediscover the invaluable relationship between community and territory. Itis not only about the recovery and enhancement of Santa Ninfa municipal villa, but the possibility of having a space, creative and stimulating, where the many souls of a beautiful community can live together.


Contrada Carpita 29
91029 – Santa Ninfa (TP)