The MediaLab project has involved public institutions and private companies in the creation of two multimedia classrooms in two schools in Santa Ninfa.

A wonderful initiative for the young students of the area that teaches that, even in difficult times, it is the union that makes the strength.

medialab project:
multimedia classrooms for schools

MediaLab is a project born during the lockdown period thanks to the perfect synergy between local businesses, educational institutions and municipal administration.

In such a complex moment for school education, public institutions and private companies have joined forces for the young talents of Santa Ninfa, working together for a common goal: to cultivate young talents and help them grow.

Through the coordination of the Angelo Pirrello Foundation, the DPV company in Turin donated 40 computers to two schools in Santa Ninfa. The PCs, completely refurbished and optimized, have been shipped and divided equally at the elementary school “Rosmini” and the secondary school “Capuana“.

Thanks to this donation and the great willingness of the Headmaster, Dr. Giulia Flavio, and the City of Santa Ninfa, which has provided desks and furniture, in the two schools was possible to set up two new multimedia classrooms.

A small gesture for a digital education that looks to the future, that of the young students of Santa Ninfa.

From great collaborations

come great ideas

Also in Santa Ninfa another initiative was born, which enriches the increasingly active collaboration between local associations, educational institutions and municipal administration.

To welcome it is Elmec Informatica, the leading IT services and solutions company, which with a strong spirit of solidarity has decided to donate 7 new notebooks to the Angelo Pirrello Foundation. The PCs will be assigned, through the formula of free loan of use, to the most deserving and needy students of theschool institute I.P.S.I.A. Santa Ninfa, in order to make their study path more practical and productive and to allow them to continue their educational activities in the best way in this delicate moment.

We thank the Headmaster, Dr. Francesca Accardo, for the great availability and Professor Francesco Bellafiore for actively following the initiative.

We are happy to have once again contributed to the growth and development of young talent.


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