green learning

The Green Learning project is the heart of the didactic activities promoted by the Foundation and provides the supply of 8 thematic labs designed for students of any grade in Santa Ninfa, Salemi, Salaparuta, Poggioreale and Partanna schools. The didactic labs have been created thanks to the supervision of MAcA, the biggest Environmental Museum in Europe, and the dedication of Legambiente Sicilia operators and volunteers. After the success of the previous year, when the project engaged 560 students, in the 2019-2020 school year the Green Learning project has come to its second edition.

green learning project:

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The multi-year Green Learning project is aimed to Santa Ninfa schools of any order and degree and to other schools in Partanna, Salemi, Salaparutaand Poggioreale.

During its first year (2018-2019) the purpose of the project was the creation and the supply of six didactic formats, connected to environmentaland land preservation themes, to be included in the schools training provided plan. In the following school year (2019-2020) other two labs have been added to the didactics, for a total of 8 labs.

The long-time purpose of the project is to spread in the Belice land a greater awareness about the surrounding environment, conducting topics related to green economy, recovery, recycling and environment protection.

The project is realized in collaboration with MIUR, Legambiente Sicilia, Santa Ninfa municipality and MAcA– “Museo A come Ambiente” of Turin.

    Involved students (in 2019)