Photo contest

We asked them to narrate the spaces by summoning images and emotions. An educational path about photography has created the perfect occasion to give voice to them: the adults of tomorrow. A contest full of fascinating shots that show us our land from an originalperspective.

your land IN A CLICK

A land isn’t just a physical place, but it’s an alive space made that way by the gaze of who is looking and who live in it. Starting from this awareness we decided to involve the students of Santa Ninfa I.P.S.I.A. Institute in a photo contest. The proposal was embraced with enthusiasm and it has produced unparalleled photos able to narrate the thousand facets of our land.

The contest came after an educational path which started two month earlier and that was organized by the teachers Francesco Bellafiore and Stefano Mistretta. This is another demonstration of the beauty which can be spring from the education and the will aimed to a deep knowledge and self-knowledge.

After a long analysis form the jury, the 4th of June we have proclaimed and rewarded the 2019 contest’s winners:

  • 1° place > Leonardo Palmeri (4A)
  • 2° place > Piero Pisano (5C)
  • 3° place > Giuseppe Romano (2A)
  • 4° place > Isidoro D’Antoni (4A)
  • 5° place > Antonino Bonanno (5C)
  • Special jury reward > Giuseppe Leo (5C)

The teacher Paolo Pellicane, President of Santa Ninfa Avis Comunale, has participated during the event thanking all the teachers and students for their awareness and generosity. We deeply thank all the winners and contestants for their will to put themself in the game, to be an active part of the city and to transform it in a real community.

received photos

finalists' photos


The winner photos


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91029 – Santa Ninfa (TP)