Observing, confronting, looking for solutions, seeing what surrounds us from a new perspective, getting our hands dirty if necessary: these were the certain ingredients of our events within the Land Of Future, Green Learning and VillaLab projects.




Public and private together for the realization of two multimedia classrooms in two schools of Santa Ninfa. An initiative that teaches that even in a complex moment it is the unionthat makes the strength.

Photo contest

We asked them to narrate the spaces by summoning images and emotions. An educational path about photography has created the perfect occasion to give voice to them: the adults of tomorrow.

Toys workshop

We threw down the gauntlet to Santa Ninfa’s primary school kids: to create toys starting from plastic materials otherwise to throw away. They have really outdone themself!

treasure hunt

Plastic Free Treasure hunt

The Santa Ninfa Municipal Villa as a setting, 12 teams, puzzles to solve and tests to overcome with a single goal: to work together to make a difference every day, at school and in life.

Let's do the Flag

300 Santa Ninfa’s teens have created the biggest human Italian flag, celebrating the first historic Italian flag that was created in 1860 and gave to Garibaldi.

Green Team Contest

An appointment in name of of environmental protection: 6 teams involved, over 250 children, young people, teachers and volunteers, 4 areas of the city cleaned and 240 bags of waste collected. A competition where everyone won.


Contrada Carpita 29
91029 – Santa Ninfa (TP)